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Air Saws

Circular Saws | Reciprocating Saw | Reciprocating Saw Kit

Ingersoll Rand Air Saw


Ingersoll Rand Saws emphasize all of the advantages of air tools – no danger of motor burn-out, no hazards in wet, long life, and low maintenance. These powerful saws are versatile additions to any job site.


Backfill Tampers & Sand Rammers

Bench Sand Rammer | Floor Sand Rammer | Backfill Tampers

Ingersoll Rand Backfill Tampers & Sand Rammers


Ingersoll Rand Backfill Tampers & Sand Rammers are perfect for compacting soil and sand in such applications as foundry molds, backfilling foundations, pipework, and cable trenching. These tools are built to withstand heavy use in tough environments and include effective seal designs that keep internal components free from dirt and grit.


Chipping Hammers

“K” Series | “D” Series | “A” Series | “W” Series

Ingersoll Rand Chipping Hammer


Ingersoll Rand Chipping Hammers are the top choice for light demolition work – including concrete and masonry removal – where you need a hard-hitting, well balanced tool. A variety of sizes, capacities, and precision matched accesories allow you to match the best tools to the job.


Jackhammers & Rock Drills

JRD30 | JRD50 | JH40

Ingersoll Rand Jackhammer


Ingersoll Rand Jackhammers & Rock Drills Simon Ingersoll invented the world’s first rock drill in 1912 and Ingersoll Rand continues the tradition with three families of rock drills. These tools can be used for either wet or dry drilling and are built according to the high standards for which Ingersoll Rand is well known.


Large Drills

22 Series | 33, 44, and 551 Series

Ingersoll Rand Large Drill

Ingersoll Rand Large Drills are ideal for opening and closing large valves or drilling large diameter holes with a variety of available attachments. Unlike their electric counterparts, air drills can be overloaded or even stalled without damage to the tool. They are also lighter, smaller, and deliver more power – with no brushes or switches to be maintained.

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