Precision Fastening

Ingersoll Rand has a superior knowledge of the threaded fastening process, acquired through years of application work and partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers in the motor vehicle, aerospace, appliance, electronics and general industries. We understand the interface of the tool and operator – and know how to leverage the power of ergonomically-designed equipment to maximize productivity.

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Handheld & Fixtured Nutrunners

Adjustable Shut-Off Nutrunners | Adjustable Cushion Clutch Nutrunners | Stall Nutrunners | Adjustable Shutoff | Stall Nutrunners

Air Cutting Tool

Handheld air nutrunners from Ingersoll Rand provide broad torque coverage for fastening small and large bolts. Numerous product lines offer housing and component designs that ensure optimal performance and operator comfort.

For fixtured applications requiring air tools, Ingersoll Rand provides an entire line of remote start air tools. These reversible tools run without a lever on fixtured multiples or in a single workstation application.

Expert Torque Testers, Analyzers, Wrenches

EXTT Series Torque Tester | EXTA Series Torque Analyzer | ETW-E Series Torque Wrench | ETW-A Series Torque Audit Wrench | Transducers | Joint Simulators

Torque Testers, Analyzers, Wrenches

The EXTT Series Torque Testers are available in four torque ranges with integrated transducers that allow rapid and accurate torque checking of lower torque fastening tools from 0.1 to 30 Nm (1 to 265 in-lbs).

The EXTA Torque Analyzer is designed for use with a broad range of external transducers to dynamically measure and record the torque output of all types of precision fastening tools on an actual joint or on a joint simulator.

The ETW Series Torque Wrenches are indispensable tools for developing, meeting and auditing virtually any tightening specification for bolted assemblies in the laboratory or on the production line.

QE & QM Series – Handheld / Fixtured Tools

QE2 Inline | QE2 Angle | QE2 Pistol | QE2 Motors | QE4 Angle | QE4 Inline | QE4 Push-to-Start | QE4 Pistol | QE6 Angle | QE6 Inline | QE8 Angle | QE8 Inline | QE Specials | QM3 Series Fixtured Spindles | QM5 Series Fixtured Spindles | QM7 Series Fixtured Spindles | QM9 Series Fixtured Spindles

QE & QM Series Tools

The Ingersoll Rand QE Series handheld tools take productivity, ergonomics, and reliability to new levels. With angle, inline, push-to-start, offset and motor configurations, four motor platforms, and torque coverage to 400 Nm, our QE Series tools are engineered for enhanced productivity with impressive features.

QM Series DC spindles are the workhorse of your multispindle application. With four platforms that provide broad torque and speed coverage, Ingersoll Rand QM spindles deliver the highest level of performance, durability, and reliability in the industry. The QM3, QM5, QM7, and QM9 platforms are so durable, in fact, that we stopped testing them after three million fault-free cycles.With our QM spindles on your assembly line, you’ll be able to redefine the productivity of your process.

Pulse Tools

Pistol-Grip | Inline | Angle | Pistol-Grip Torque Control Pulse Tools | Inline Series Torque Control Pulse Tools | YETC-200 Series Controllers | QC Qualifier

Air Pistol Grip Tools

Non-shutoff tools are recommended for the majority of applications where speed and ergonomics are important. They are the easiest to set up, maintain, and they provide good accuracy.

Shutoff tools are recommended as substitutes for non-shutoff tools when increased error-proofing is desired. They can be beneficial for less experienced operators, since they automatically shut off at a preset torque level.

Transducerized systems are recommended when a process requires data output, accuracy, process control, and feedback to the operator.

Qualifiers are recommended when additional error proofing, operator feedback, and process control are desired. They work with most brands of pulse tools and many impact tools.


Micro Electric Screwdrivers | VersaTec Electric Screwdrivers | VersaTec ESD-Safe Electric Screwdrivers | VersaTec Controllers | Brushless Electric Screwdrivers | ES Series – Electric Screwdrivers | Adjustable Shut-Off Screwdrivers | Adjustable Cushion Clutch Screwdrivers | Positive Jaw Screwdrivers | Stall Screwdrivers | Impact Screwdrivers | 1/4? Hex – Pistol Grip

Brushless Electric Screwdrivers

Ingersoll Rand offers a full line of production fastening equipment, including air and electric screwdrivers in a broad range of configurations. Whether you need a solution for a single, specific application or an entire assembly line, you can trust our century of tool design experience to deliver tools that are durable enough for your toughest high-volume applications, yet still deliver the speed and accuracy you need.

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